Youth Bikini brief - Beige

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Beige Bikini

Your Classic Bikini Cut for mod days and nights

The Bedge Bikini brief offers full gusset protection for moderate to heavy flows (20 ml) and suitable for days or overnights as the gusset extends to the back waist seam. 

The perfect colour for summer, as it can be worn with light or dark clothing and will not show through. 

This style features 4 layers - quick dry cotton absorbent gusset, a thin but absorbent layer, a leakproof layer and soft bamboo fabric to hold it all together.



- Quick Drying
- Absorbent - 20ml
- Leakproof with reinforced seams
- Stain proof and odour proof with maximum breathability 
- Full gusset protection - right to the back waist seam. 

Care Instructions

Care instructions

Size Information

Fits True to size - sizes youth 12 through to youth size 16.