Period and Pee proof briefs to suit light leaks to heavy flows:

  • Super - 60 ml
  • Heavy - 20-30 ml
  • Moderate - 15-20 ml
  • Light/Leakproof - 10-15 ml

You have a few options for how you can buy:

  • Try a single pair for 40 days for our risk-free trial.  Our heavy absorbency underwear holds 15-20 ml or 3-4 tampons, our Super absorbency underwear holds 40-60 ml or 5-6 tampons! That's the most absorbent on the market!  
  • We have put together 2, 4, & 6 pack Saver Bundles for you to take advantage of savings and try a mix of styles. Every bundle receives a free gift.
  • Our Starter packs include a range of products for you to try, including heavy absorbency underwear, a Lotus menstrual cup and cloth panty liners.