Cup & Steriliser Bundle with Wet bag

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Silicone menstrual cup, Wet bag and steriliser bundle. All you need if you just want to go the cup option for your zero waste transition. 

Use the wet bag to store and carry your cup and steriliser - great for travelling.

Microwaveable steriliser makes cleaning a breeze and doubles as a carry case. 

Our cups come in a choice of small or large. Small is generally recommended for younger women who’ve never given birth, whilst large has a slightly larger capacity and diameter. 

Currently available in white. 


Simply place your Eco Period Menstrual Cup in the Steriliser and fill the steriliser half full with water. Place the lid on the cup but DO NOT seal down - steam needs to be able to escape the steriliser. Check your microwave's wattage settings, place on the standard cook setting and place in your microwave for 2 -3 minutes. 

Please note: The water must boil for the Menstrual Cup, to be sanitised.
Take care when removing the steriliser from your microwave. We suggest leaving the Steriliser and Menstrual Cup in your microwave for 30 minutes to cool down.