First Period Pack - Zero waste kit for first periods

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First Period Pack - Zero Waste Kit for First and Youth Periods

    Designed for first periods, whether you are getting ready or your period is already here and you want comfortable and reliable zero waste options to support her periods. 

    Young girls find period underwear so supportive and easy to use, so much more comfortable than disposable pads and easier to use than tampons, and they can wear a pair for the whole day at school.  Knowing they are protected from life’s little embarrassments. 

    Included in this pack is a little information book about Growing Up, which explains what a period is and what to expect and how to prepare.  It is a nice way to start a little chat and open up the discussion about periods and let your girl know you are there to help her on this journey.

    Every pack includes;

    • 4 Pairs of Period Underwear with built-in 4 layer pad to absorb periods,
    • 2 Cloth Pads (use these with regular underwear - they have press studs that clip around regular underwear),
    • Plush bunny -hot water bottle and cover
    • Wet Bag - to store used or clean pads and underwear,
    • Information Booklet "Girl, You're Growing Up" and
    • a Cycle Tracker calendar sheet.

    GOTS Certified Organic cotton and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 tested - for healthy periods and no toxic chemicals or PFAS.


    💓 Generally provide you with a mix of underwear styles, according to availability in your size. This includes a mix of styles and absorbencies, which may include those shown below.

    💓 Heavy/ overnight underwear can also be worn for moderate and light flows, it just provides extra protection if needed.


    Youth Orgaknix Super Bikini - heavy/ overnight absorbency
    Youth Orgaknix Super Boyleg- heavy/ overnight absorbency
    Youth Orgaknix Bikini - moderate absorbency
    Youth Flower Brief - light to moderate absorbency