Youth Orgaknix Super Boyleg (30-40ml)

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Your organic cotton sleep / super flow brief for flows up to 40 ml!

If you're looking for a brief you can wear all day at school, work or uni, without the need for tampons and pads, then our signature period and pee proof Orgaknix Youth Super Boyleg brief will not disappoint. 

With EcoTech Super 4 layer technology, to keep you dry and leak free all day* or all night long for heavy flows of 40 ml! The extensive gusset protects you to the back waist seam, so it is perfect for overnights and can be worn confidently without a backup method.* 

Eco Period Australia's Orgaknix series has undergone extensive testing and certification in accordance with OEKO-TEX guidelines and GOTS credentials for safety in materials and organic certification.  Which means our undies are safe, environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

Note: *tested to absorb up to 40 ml throughout the extended gusset, day time wear without distribution through the gusset will reduce the capacity. ** Not suitable for full bladder release/ heavy incontinence.



  • EcoTech Super 4 Layer Technology - Rapid Absorption up to 40ml, Leakproof, StayDry against the skin.
  • GOTS certified Organic Cotton & all materials tested according to OEKO-TEX guidelines - No PFAS or nasty chemicals against the skin.
  • 100% Vegan - no wool or animal products.
  • Stain proof & odour proof with maximum breathability.
  • Full gusset protection - right to the back waist seam. 
  • Boyleg leg line, mid to high waist (below the navel) - perfect sleep brief or heavy flow day brief.
  • No backup required - no need for a menstrual cup, tampons or other backups, however, some women with very heavy flow do wear a cup for extended wear.  Test them out at home first and see how long you will get out of them, but generally, you will get at least 6 hours and up to 12 hours.  We do not recommend wearing them for longer than 12 hours.
  • Easy to wash - just rinse them in cold water until the water runs clear, then dry pail or soak in cold water until ready to wash.  Wash by hand or in a wash bag in the machine - in cold or warm (30 degrees) water.  Wash with similar colours. Hang dry. 


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