Silk Luxe - Youth Bikini 2 Pack - Heavy

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 Silk Luxe TM - Youth Hipster Bikini - Heavy absorbency

Your Comfy Bikini Cut for heavy days and overnights

Twin pack 

Perfect for your heavy days and overnights, these fabulously comfortable bikini briefs can easily absorb at least 20ml of fluid. 

This style features 4 layers - quick dry cotton against the skin, a thin but highly absorbent layer, leakproof layer and nylon outer layer to hold it all together.


- Quick Drying

- Absorbent - 20 ml 

- Leakproof - Never worry about embarrassing moments again.  

- Stain proof and odour proof with breathable layers.

- Full gusset protection - right to the back waist seam. 

Size Guide

Fits True to size - sizes Youth 10-16.