Eco Mask : Double layered cotton face mask

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Eco Mask 

  • Eco Mask comes with an Adjuster Kit (2 adjusters).
  • Double layered cotton face mask for better protection (high cotton count 180-220, thicker and tighter weave).
  • Very soft, breathable and comfy.
  • Available in dusty pink, grey and black.
  • Inside layer (side that touches skin) made from white breathable cotton. 

After the first wash, the mask will shrink the natural cotton fibres for a better fit. If you need to enlarge the mask– wash in cold water and gently stretch fabric out when wet before hang drying. 

A general purpose face mask:

- To block airborne droplets, especially in winter, from common cold symptoms: coughing, sneezing, or sore throat.

- In spring, for allergy symptoms such as hay fever.

- Other times whenever you need protection from dust, chemicals and allergens.

 GST included where applicable.

NOTE: With frequent use and wash, ear straps and/or adjusters can become worn out. Please ensure you remove adjusters prior to washing and reapply adjusters gently and carefully.