If you are interested in joining the reusable revolution but aren't sure where to get started, this page is for you.

Eco Period's reusable, washable leakproof apparel provides a clean, no-nasties, and eco solution to managing periods and light leaks.

Designed to last as a reusable alternative to disposable products (tampons and pads), Eco Period underwear present an organic and eco-friendly solution that is also healthier for your body. The built in lining features 4 innovative layers of high performance fabrics that absorbs your period into the core and traps it there, until washed out. So you can use them again and again (we're talking like 100 washes!).

Firstly, you need to consider:

Once you know more about your flow, you can determine how many pairs of Period Underwear you will need.


Let's use Katie as an example:

Katie’s period lasts 5 days. Her first two days are very heavy. The third day is moderate flow, and the last two days is spotting and generally light flow, she wears a panty liner and changes it four times in 24 hours.

Katie wants to have enough pairs to wear through her cycle without having to wash and dry pairs during her period.

She will need:

Heavy flow (2 days):

  • 2 x Super absorbency briefs - for nights and
  • 2 x Super or Heavy absorbency briefs for daytime (she wants to use her cup in the day)

Moderate flow (1 day):

  • 1 x Moderate or Heavy absorbency brief – for daytime and
  • 1 x Heavy/ overnight absorbency for night

Light flow (2 days):

  • 2 x Moderate or Light absorbency briefs – for daytime and
  • 2 Moderate /overnight absorbency for night.

Total of 10 pairs.

However if Katie wanted to use our Eco Pads instead of our Period Underwear...

She could choose Overnight  Eco Pads instead of Super absorbency or Heavy/ Overnight briefs, Regular Eco Pads in place of Moderate absorbency briefs and Eco Liners in place of light absorbency briefs. She may wish to change her pads more frequently, depending on when she starts to feel dampness, which would indicate it is time to change.

Total of 10 Eco Pads minimum

If Katie did not want to use a menstrual cup anymore, she could replace the moderate absorbency briefs with super or heavy absorbency briefs or Overnight Eco Pads and she may need to add in some extra changes, depending on her flow.