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These garments are waterproof, absorbent and washable fabric underwear with a soft built-in pad designed for those with light to medium urinary incontinence who are looking for an alternative to disposable products.

You can wear them daily and simply rinse out at the end of the day and when you are ready to wash, they can go in the washing machine, so they are super easy to use.

Choose from Orgaknix underwear (organic cotton), Invisi (seamless) or Luxe Lace, for a bit of flair.

Buy in a Bundle and save up to 35% - we have 2, 4 , 6 and 10 packs available, with a mix of styles included and you can also build your own Bundle, to mix and match with the styles you like.

Please note that our underwear can be worn for leaks or periods.  Our absorbency ratings are based on period flows, but refer to the ml recommendations to determine the best coverage for your urinary incontinence.  If you are using these underwear for daytime use, you may not require coverage up the back of the underwear, but we do recommend you choose overnight coverage for night-time use (overnight coverage has an extended panel up the back of the underwear).