LBL Briefs

Eco Briefs will protect you from life's unmentionables.

Eco Period Australia's leakproof and absorbent underwear feature a range of absorbencies, from moderate to super absorbent (up to 60 ml), suitable for light to moderate bladder leaks, for day or night time wear. 

Choose light or moderate protection (15-25 ml) if you will be wearing mostly for daytime wear.  Choose heavy/ overnight or super (30-60ml) if you want protection up the back and front for night time wear.

You can wear them daily and simply rinse out at the end of the day and when you are ready to wash, they can go in the washing machine, so they are super easy to use.

Choose from Orgaknix underwear (organic cotton), Invisi (seamless) or Luxe Lace.

Buy in a Bundle and save up to 35% - we have 2, 4 , 6 and 10 packs available, with a mix of styles included and you can also build your own Bundle, to mix and match with the styles you like.

The four layers provide odour and stain control, breathability, absorbtion, leak resistance, quick dry functionality and comfort.  Full gusset to the back waist seam for overnight protection.

If you're on the fence, why not try a single pair and if within 60 days you're not completely satisfied with their performance, we will credit or refund you.