Eco Period Australia

Eco Period Australia is a female-founded business that supplies all your zero-waste and non-toxic reusable period products, including Eco Briefs (period proof /menstrual and incontinence underwear), the Eco Cup menstrual cup and Eco Pads (modern cloth pads and panty liners).  We also developed the Love Stone yoni eggs for pelvic floor strengthening, which come in a range of different genuine GIA certified crystals. 

We seek to provide a truly sustainable alternative to the Australian market, by offering eco-conscious fabric options made of sustainable materials like GOTS certified organic cotton and pre-consumer recycled nylon.

Eco Period Australia takes sustainability to another level by providing innovative period underwear, pads and swimwear that embrace the freedom of leakproof apparel and the confidence it brings. With leakproof period apparel, customers can enjoy worry-free periods and empowering confidence that allows them to go about their day or swimming activities.

By choosing reusable period and incontinence products, individuals not only save money in the long run but also reduce their environmental impact, contributing towards a more sustainable future.

Sustainability and minimising our environmental footprint is our mission, from the fabric and garment production, to our day to day operations, zero waste and plastic free goals and our commitment to carbon offsets.

Why Choose us?

All of our products are made to the highest quality standards, we offer brilliant customer service and our products are made to strict health and safety standards, set by OEKO-Tex Standard 100 and GOTS for certified organic cotton. You can read more about our certifications here.

Join the Eco Period Australia Movement

Make a positive change in your life and the environment by choosing Eco Period as your trusted partner for sustainable period solutions.  Together, let's create a world where women can thrive without compromising their wellbeing or the planet. 

What we stand for

We’re a brand with purpose. With every product we design and produce, we ensure it meets our rigorous standards to protect our planet and its people.

  • Environmental practices
  • Human rights
  • Supporting the less fortunate
  • Learning and sharing of knowledge
  • Sustainably and ethically produced
  • Designed by women, for women
  • Vegan, cruelty-free fabrics
  • Working towards a sustainable supply chain
  • Natural, safe, toxin free

Please contact us on if there is anything we can help you with, our friendly staff are always happy to assist.

Our garments are 100% safe and non toxic and certified through OEKO-TEX and Control Union. You can read more about our certifications here.

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