We're here to improve the lives of all women by offering them quality, sustainable choices for period and yoni care that empowers them, promotes health and protects the planet.

Eco Period offers beautifully crafted, quality period garments that are made to last and are just as good for your body as they are for the environment. We hope to help you transition (or continue) your journey towards zero waste, eco and organic period solutions.


We know the choices we make have an impact on our precious world.

The choice for non-toxic, eco-conscious, and organic solutions for your period is Eco Period Australia.

We want the women of Australia to feel informed, knowledgeable, and confident to choose us because of the quality and intention behind the products we carefully source and offer to them.



We make the majority of our underwear with organic cotton because it does not involve the use of toxic chemicals or pesticides in its production, uses less water and does not degrade the land it's grown on.


We choose to use compostable or recycled packaging and offset our annual office and car usage emissions through Carbon Positive Australia.


We opt for vegan/non-animal fabrics to make sure our products are cruelty-free. It's all about looking out for our furry friends while also being kind to the planet.


We support a range of charities that support women, homelessness, environmental causes and international aid projects, particuarly in Vanuatu and Fiji.


A small business with old-school, quality customer service and attention to detail, making a big impact.

Eco Period Australia was founded with a vision to prove that organic and vegan period underwear has high-performance power to replace disposable pads and tampons, improve your life and leave the planet a better place.

Whilst there were a few other period underwear brands out there, none of them combined clean and high performance to deliver real results for women. Danielle was inspired to bring a cleaner alternative to Australian women, minimising the chemicals placed on our skin through the fabrics we wear. After years of hard work, research and development, Danielle has perfected the designs and fabric technology to offer high performance, superior comfort and a wide range suitable for both women and teens of all sizes and shapes.

Behind The Brand

Meet our founder, Danielle

Danielle Hoeksema founded Eco Period Australia in 2018, inspired to provide organic cotton options to women worldwide in a space where the market only provided nylon, polyester or bamboo alternatives. Danielle harnessed her background in environmental science to research the holistic impacts of the textile industry and chose cleanest option that offered the healthiest and most environmentally friendly solution for period care.