Orders, shipping, & stuff

I’ve already submitted my order, but I need to make a change! What do I do? Is it too late?

We process our orders quickly (so you can get your undies in a jiff), but we will do our best to accommodate any requests you may have. The best way to adjust or cancel an order is to email info@ecoperiod.com.au

How long must I wait for my undies after I submit my order?

Your order should ship within 1-2 business days (Mon-Fri, before 5pm), and arrive within 5-7 business days if you select standard shipping, UNLESS you've pre-ordered something, in which case the shipping date was indicated upon placing your order or another shipping timeframe is specified on the product page. 

What is your return policy?

Not a great fit? Or not loving something about them? That’s ok, we offer returns and exchange or refund within 40 days of your purchase, for one trial pair of underwear.  Bundles can be returned at your expense for an exchange for the right size or a credit given. If you are uncertain about whether our products will work well for you, we recommend that you first purchase a trial pair and then if you like them and the fit, come back and buy a bundle (of course, we are pretty confident that you will come back for more, but this just gives you the peace of mind).

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns or process refunds for menstrual cups or used underwear or cloth pads.  Unworn underwear (please try on over your regular clean underwear when you receive them) may be returned and exchanged if sizing /fit is an issue.  If eligible for a return, you may choose:

  • Exchange on the unworn garments/ products for items of the same price (different size is fine). 
  • Credit plus 10% on the items returned excluding shipping
  • Full refund on the unworn garments excluding shipping (not applicable to bundles - exchange or credit only)

What items can I use my discount code on?

Anything, unless it is a code for a specific product described on the page.

 I live abroad. Can I still order?

Yes! We offer international shipping, so people with periods all around the world can period better.

Do you cover taxes, duty, etc. for international customers?

Unfortunately, our prices don't include local taxes, duties, brokerage fees, and VATs, all the stuff you may be charged to receive your shipment at home. *Make sure you consider all fees,* because once your order arrives you'll be required to pay all taxes, duties, etc. (we won't be able to refund you if you change your mind).

What currency do you accept?

We accept nearly all local currencies. On the off chance we do not accept your local currency, you'll have the option of checking out in USD, CAD, EUR, AUD, or British Pounds. The currency should automatically change based on your location!

I'm having trouble placing my order on your website. Help!

While Eco Period Australia does it's best to ensure that our E-commerce experience is consistent, enjoyable, and functional across all modern browsers and devices, occasionally something small may not function properly on older browsers when an update to our code is pushed. If you are having trouble logging in, creating an account, or placing an order, we highly recommend you first update your browser to the newest version. Chrome  |   Firefox  |   Safari  |   Internet Explorer Or, simply trying another browser will usually work too! We prefer Chrome here. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you still need help or are experiencing issues, please don't hesitate to contact us by emailing info@ecoperiod.com.au or chat with us through the chat widget in the bottom right of the screen.

Are you affiliated with other brands with similar names?

No, we are not affiliated with other similar named international brands, such as Eco Periods or Eco Period Box.  Our products are different, being designed and stocked in Australia for fast delivery and being made of premium quality fabrics such as organic cotton and bamboo.

Product knowledge - underwear

How do Eco Briefs work?

Eco Period Australia underwear absorb your period. Every pair is made with our signature technology that's odor-controlling, super-absorbent, and leak-resistant. This 4 layer technology works together to do it’s thing (aka keep you fresh and dry). Take a look at our How it works page to learn more.

How much fluid can Eco Briefs hold?

Our Orgaknix Super brief can hold up to 6 regular tampons’ worth of fluid (40-60mL), but absorbency levels vary, depending on underwear style. We recommend trying them for the first time at home so you can see how they best work for your body and flow.

How do I pick the right size underwear?

Use our handy size chart to figure out your which size best fits you according to your hip and waist measurements.

Can I wear Eco Briefs as a replacement for my current routine?

Yes, some people do so quite easily, but it just depends on your flow (light, medium, heavy), the duration of your period and the number of underwear that you need to see you through your entire period.  You may prefer not to have to wash them straight away, and so you may need a larger bundle if you wish to wear them exclusively.  Our heavy absorbency underwear will hold 3-4 tampons or 20-40 ml of fluid, and that is any fluid, not just for periods, but also light leaks. Super underwear holds up to 60ml.

If you use a cup, a light absorbency bundle of two or three pairs could be enough for you if you wash them daily.  We recommend building your knowledge of your flow and your confidence with the underwear slowly, test them out at home first and overnight so you can see how great they work!

Are the underwear hygienic?

We only use natural fibres against the skin, of organic cotton and bamboo, which are known for their breathability and ability to neutralise bad odours and bacteria.  Because our underwear have a super absorbent core, it keeps you dry and feeling fresh.

Can the underwear be used for urinary incontinence?

Yes, particularly our new Super brief, which holds approx. 40-60 ml of fluid and thus is suitable for light to moderate leaks.

Can the underwear be worn swimming?

We have developed two styles of Eco swim bikinis. One regular bikini cut and one high waisted. Made of recycled nylon for a planet friendly solution.  Designed for light to moderate flows and can be worn in the pool or ocean, absorbing your period and not the water you’re swimming in. 


I have sensitive skin. Will Eco Briefs and pads irritate me?

In every pair of Eco Period Australia underwear, the layer that sits closest to your skin is soft, natural, breathable organic cotton .  The rest of the tech is held in ultra-thin layers between that cotton interior and the leak-resistant barrier. Here are the material breakdowns:
Body: 95% organic cotton, 5% elastane Gusset: 95% cotton, 5% elastane; middle breathable PUL

All fabrics are tested for harmful substances against OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

Eco Pads are made of a charcoal bamboo layer against the skin that is 75% charcoal bamboo and 25% polyester. The charcoal bamboo nano particles are woven into the fleece. 

The key factor in using cloth pads and underwear is to ensure that you monitor your flow and change frequently.  You should be changing when you no longer feel dry against the skin. This may be every 3-4 hours. If you experience a reaction, discontinue use. 

The other important factor in avoiding reactions is to ensure you wash your garments before use using Castile soap or another natural detergent with no fragrances or irritants. Continue to wash your underwear and pads in natural detergent every wash. 

Organic Cotton

What’s the difference between cotton and organic cotton?

Organic cotton is:

Healthy - Organic Cotton farming does not use synthetic fertilisers, harmful pesticides or other dangerous chemicals that can be harmful to your health. Environmentally-friendly - Harmful chemicals are not used that would damage the soil, environment, and workers. Cotton is a renewable resource. High Quality - Fibres are softer and stronger as they are not broken down by chemical processing.  Durable - Not exposed to weakening chemicals, Organic cotton will last many years, with proper care.  Comfortable - Natural fibres are comfortable to the touch. A comfortable feeling knowing that chemicals are not touching the skin, and there is no harm to the environment.

Environmental Impact

How many disposable menstrual hygiene products does a person with a period use?

More than 12 billion pads and tampons are thrown out every year worldwide, and the average person with a period uses 11,000 pads, tampons, and panty liners in their lifetime — that’s a lot of landfill!

 Are your underwear safe and healthy and free of harmful chemicals?

Our underwear has undergone OEKO-TEX Standard 100 testing for hazardous materials and passed the stringent testing, the Organic cotton we use in our briefs is GOTS certified.  Our underwear does not contain harmful plastics or PFAS, and our leakproof layer is made of TPU which is safety tested and approved by OEKO-TEX standards.