Youth Eco Briefs

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Eco Pads - Sizes

Teen and tween underwear for girl's sizes 8-16, and now with some options in youth 16+ sizing.

All Day Protection for girls.  No Tampons Required!

 We've put together a range of bundles for girls, including:

  • First Period Pack, which is great for girl's new to getting their period, with a mix of products to try, including 4 pairs of period underwear, two eco pad liners, a wet bag, menarche bracelet and a hot water bottle, plus more. 
  • Teen Zero Waste Pack - For teens and tweens who've already started their periods, but wanting no waste alternatives.  Pack includes 4 pairs of leakproof period underwear, and your choice of 5 extras (choose from hot water bottle, eco pads, wet bag, wash bag and Eco cup).
  • Sustainable period starter packs - for girls that want to try a Menstrual Cup and a range of different zero waste products at an affordable price.
  • Eco Swim recycled bikini and Dance Bikini now available.

Please feel free to email us at and ask us any questions you might have.