Know your Flow

Ask yourself the following questions to calculate the number of pads or underwear you will need to replace your disposable period products.

  • How many days does your average period last?  
  • What is your flow like on each day of your period? (i.e. light, mod, heavy)
  • How many pads or tampons do you use per day on your light, medium and heavy flow days? 
  • How many pads or tampons do you use throughout your period?



How many pairs of Period Underwear will I need?

You can calculate the number of Eco briefs you will need, using the following guide:

Heavy flow days - 2-3 changes per 24 hours (change at the end of the day and potentially at midday if your flow is very heavy).

Moderate flow days - 1-2 pairs per 24 hours - change at the end of the day.

Light flow days - 1-2 pairs per 24 hours - change at the end of the day.

Which Period Underwear do I choose?

  • Heavy flow - Choose Super absorbency or Heavy absorbency.  The lining is thicker and extends to the back waist seam, so it covers you for overnights.   The Orgaknix Super bikinis (black and beige) have lining that extends to the front waist seam as well, perfect for tummy sleepers. 

Super absorbency 30-60 ml 

Heavy absorbency - 25 - 40 ml 

  • Moderate/ Heavy flow - If your flow is moderate or light or you are using underwear as a backup to another method, choose Moderate or Moderate/ Heavy absorbency underwear.  Moderate absorbency is better for daytime wear and Moderate/Heavy will also cover you at night as the leakproof lining extends up to the back waist seam (a thinner layer than the heavy absorbency).   

Moderate/ Heavy absorbency holds 20-30 ml 
Moderate absorbency - 15-20 ml 

  • Light flow - If your flow is light, or you are using as a backup, choose light absorbency. This will provide a leakproof function and some absorbency as a backup. 
Light absorbency - 10-15 ml 



Katie’s period lasts 5 days. Her first two days are very heavy. She uses a menstrual cup and empties it (20ml) 2-3 times in 24 hours. The third day is moderate flow, she empties her cup twice in 24 hours (15ml each time). The last two days is spotting and generally light flow, she wears a panty liner and changes it four times in 24 hours.

Katie wants to continue to use her cup on heavy days and use underwear for overnights and moderate days. She wants to have enough pairs to wear through her cycle without having to wash and dry pairs during her period.

She will need:

  • Heavy flow (2 days): 2 x Super absorbency briefs - for nights & 2 x Moderate absorbency briefs for daytime (she wants to use her cup in the day).
  • Moderate flow (1 day): 1 x Moderate or Heavy absorbency brief – for daytime & 1 x Heavy/ overnight absorbency for night.
  • Light flow (2 days): 2 x Moderate or Light absorbency briefs – for daytime & 2 Moderate /overnight absorbency for night.

Total of 10 pairs.

If Katie wanted to use Eco Pads instead of Eco Briefs, she could choose Overnight  Eco Pads instead of Super absorbency or Heavy/ Overnight briefs, Regular Eco Pads in place of Moderate absorbency briefs and Eco Liners in place of light absorbency briefs.  She may wish to change her pads more frequently, depending on when she starts to feel dampness, which would indicate it is time to change.

Total of 10 Eco Pads minimum

If Katie’s did not want to use a menstrual cup anymore, she could replace the moderate absorbency briefs with Super or heavy absorbency briefs or Overnight Eco Pads and she may need to add in some extra changes, depending on her flow.