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Swim without a care while swimming with our Racerback One-Piece Period Swimwear. No need for additional protection or tampons, just enjoy the water worry-free. Made with absorbent and waterproof materials and leak-proof technology. Plus, our eco-friendly design helps reduce landfill waste.  Designed for competition and squad swimmers and to hold up to 20 ml of period fluid. 

Girls and Women's sizes. Please refer to the flat lay chart on this product page for dimensions.  Check them against your other swimsuit to ensure you select the correct size*.  

  • X- Back and scoop neck
  • Straps Bar tack reinforcement at stress points
  • Fully Front Lined, with built in shelf bra and removable moulded breast cups.
  • UV protective and water repelling outer fabric.
  • Fabric: 75% Recycled Nylon, 25% Elastane.

*We can exchange sizes for unworn, as new items, but cannot offer refunds on period swimwear. 

Please contact us if you have any questions ( email: info@ecoperiod.com.au).

What is Period-proof swimwear? 

Period-proof swimwear looks similar to regular swimwear and has a built-in multilayer lining to absorb menstrual blood. 

Period-proof swimwear is specially designed for swimming during periods, incontinence or vaginal spotting. 

Period swimwear is also popular with competition swimmers, given they spend so much time in the pool.  Period swimwear helps them to focus on training or a swim meet without having to worry about leakage. 

Period-proof swimwear is also a great option for girls with irregular periods or who are entering into puberty. Periods can arrive unexpectedly, and period-proof swimwear can help protect against those unexpected moments while swimming.

How does Period swimwear work? 

Eco Period swimwear offer four layers of protection. The first is the outer swimwear fabric, which is water resistant to reduce water getting into the swimsuit.  The next layer is made of leakproof fabric to stop captured menstrual blood from leaking out. The middle layer of the swimsuit is designed to lock in and absorb menstrual blood. The top layer of the period swimwear that sits against the skin is made of moisture wicking mesh that dries quickly once out of the water. 

Eco period swimwear can absorb from 2 teaspoons to 6 teaspoons of menstrual or bladder fluid. For reference, a normal tampon is usually able to hold about 1 teaspoon (5 milliliters) of menstrual blood. 

Eco period swimsuits can be worn by itself on light to moderate period days or even on heavy days if you wash out or change your swimwear as needed.  This is why we sell some of our period swimmer bottoms in 2 packs, so you have an extra for heavy days.  We also recommend rinsing them out throughout the day if you are going to be wearing them all day.  This can allow you to wear them for an extended time (say if you are a swim teacher or at a race event, or swimming carnival).  You simply rinse out til the blood is mostly removed, wring and wear again.  And of course, wash properly at the end of the day.  We recommend natural liquid detergents and cold water for washing and cold water only for rinsing. 

- Absorbs up to 30 ml: No need for disposable period and incontinence products, better for you and the environment. 🌱
- Made from pre-consumer recycled nylon: Saved from going to landfill, with less resources and energy used. ♻️
- Absorbs your period, not the water: Swim worry-free with absorbent technology. 🏊‍♀️
- Light to moderate bleeding and bladder leaks: Stay comfortable and protected. 💧
- Comfort and freedom: Soft, stretchable materials for optimal comfort and movement. 🏊‍♂️
- Chemical-free and skin-friendly: Prioritizing organic materials for sensitive skin. 🍃
- Discreet and comfortable design for body confidence. 💃
- Available in sizes 8 to 20: Perfect fit for every body. 🩱
- UV50+ rated fabric: Ultimate sun protection for outdoor adventures. ☀️
- Economically sensible: Save money with a one-time investment. 💰
- Australian Designed and Owned: Based on QLD's Sunshine Coast. 🇦🇺
- Love our bodies, love our earth, choose eco. 🌏

Fabric Composition: Recycled nylon outer fabric

When your swimwear arrive, try them on over your regular, clean underwear before use to check the fit. Make sure to give them a wash before your first wear to improve the absorption performance.

Then to use the swimwear, simply wear them like you would with any of your other swimwear.

Step 1 Wash your Eco Period swimwear before wearing / using them. This activates the EcoTech and primes it for use.

Step 2, After wearing, rinse in cold water until the blood/ fluids are mostly removed. You can do this in the shower to save water, but just do it before the water heats up past 30 degrees, as heat will set stains into the fabrics.

Step 3. Pop your swimwear into a delicates wash bag and into the washing machine on a cold wash. Use a liquid natural detergent.
No fabric softeners.

Step 4. Hang dry on the line outside. Line drying is best as it is kinder to the fabrics. Just don't leave them out on the line for days.

Eco Period swimwear should NEVER:

Be cleansed with harsh detergents (these abrade and break down clothes which shortens their effectiveness and lifespan)

Be cleansed with fabric softeners (it's like fabric cholesterol and blocks the pathways in the fabric through which the liquid travels)

Be bleached (bleach kills everything, need we say more)

Be dry cleaned (putting the products into such a harsh environment with or without the added chemicals is bad)

Be washed in very hot water (heat breaks down the fibres and natural compounds that make these products so effective.

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Well, did you know more than 12 BILLION pads and tampons are thrown out every year worldwide? Let's break this down even further to see the impact you CAN make - the average woman alone uses 11,000 pads, tampons and panty liners in their lifetime. That’s a lot of landfill! It's time to make the switch to Eco Period, you won't look back.

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How does Period Swimwear work?

Eco Period swimwear is designed with absorbent layers and moisture-wicking materials to manage menstrual flow. The absorbent layers trap and absorb menstrual fluid, keeping you comfortable while swimming, by ensuring no menstrual fluid leaks out. The outer fabric is water-resistant to prevent water from entering the gusset. No swelling in water and No tampons are required.


Eco Period offers beautifully crafted, quality period garments that are made to last, and are just as good for your body as they are for the environment.

We are passionate about making a difference through our products and hope to help you transition (or continue) your journey towards zero waste, eco and organic period solutions.


Absorbency Guide

Our Racerback One Piece Period Swimsuit have a Moderate absorbency.

Check out the below guide to see how this level stacks up against our other products.