Organic cotton is the safest and most healthiest fabric option for your underwear.

It is also really comfortable and a good choice for the health of our environment too.

More information about our underwear

This discount code can also be used with our Cycle Saver Bundles - for 2, 4 or 6 pairs of underwear.

Take advantage of our 40 day free trial, you can try a single pair out, and if within 40 days of purchasing, you are not happy with their performance, we will refund, exchange or credit your account to get something that suits you better.  So it's risk free! 

Our Orgaknix heavy absorbency underwear absorb from 20 - 60 ml of fluid (sizes 6 up to 24 and also youth sizes 8-16). We have three styles, the Orgaknix super brief (heavy/overnight), the Orgaknix Bikini (mod to heavy) and the Orgaknix Blush bikini. All these styles are made with premium quality GOTS organic cotton.

Our Luxe Lace underwear is fully lined with cotton, with a nylon outer and flexible waist band in lace that sits comfortably on the hips.  These range from moderate to heavy absorbency and are available in sizes 8-20.

All of our underwear has been tested to comply with OEKO-TEX safety standards, so there are no concerns with health and safety of the materials.