Sustainability is the catch phrase of the 90's and 00's, but it still remains important to us today.  True sustainability is consideration of the whole of life impact of a business, not just one aspect.

Yes, the period-proof underwear, eco pads and eco cups we make are a better choice than single use disposable pads and tampons for the environment, but we appreciate that the process in making them together with our day to day business operations can also have an impact on the environment through the output of carbon emissions, water use and how the land upon which fabric is grown is left following production.  

Eco Period Australia set out to deliver another option to the Australian market for reusable period support products, an option that is sustainable all round, from the sourcing of fabric that is Control Union certified organic and OEKO-TEX certified to be safe and healthy and non-toxic, to the production that is socially responsible, and choosing vegan/ non-animal fabrics to ensure a cruelty free product.  We choose to use compostable or recycled packaging and offset our carbon emissions through carbon positive australia. 

We choose to make the majority of our underwear with organic cotton because it does not involve the use of toxic chemicals or pesticides in its production, it uses less water and it does not degrade the land upon which it is grown.

Organic cotton is also incredibly durable, meaning that our garments will last you years, and we guarantee them for 18 months.