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Eco Cup Menstrual Cup

12 hour protection

With Eco Cup you can swim, hike, cycle, do yoga and sleep through the night knowing that you are covered for up to 12 hours of leak-free continuous use. We do recommend emptying closer to 8 hours if you can, but you can rest assured it is safe to leave it in for up to 12 hours.

One Eco Cup can collect the equivalent of 4 tampons-worth of menstrual flow, which means less trips to the bathroom and more peace of mind. 

Better for your body

There is no law in Australia that requires tampon manufacturers to disclose their ingredients.

But Eco Cup is different. It’s made of just one thing: medical grade silicone—the same material as baby pacifiers/ dummies.

Eco Cup is BPA and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic and contains no bleaches, latex or plastic.

Plus unlike tampons, Eco Cup collects menstrual flow instead of absorbing it so there’s no trace residue, which limits dryness, irritation and odour.

Better for the environment

The average woman sends 1500 kg of period-related waste into landfill in their lifetime. 

But one Eco Cup can be reused for 5 -10 years, making it a sustainable purchase that eliminates waste, that would otherwise sit in a landfill or worse, our oceans.

Better for your wallet

The price of menstrual products adds up fast, with a box of tampons here and some pantyliners there, not to mention the cost of replacing underwear, it is estimated that an average woman will spend $23,000 in their lifetime.

But one EcoCup can be reused for up to up to 10 years, making it a sound investment for your health and the planet.

Why Go with an Eco Cup?

  • Available in a range of sizes - from XS to L - you can find a cup that suits you.
  • Ridges and Easy Grip Ball end for ease of removal.

  • Soft but springy - which means you won't feel it when you're wearing it, but being springy, it will easily open and thus avoid leaks.

  • 100% Medical Grade Silicone - completely safe to use, with no PBAs, rubber, latex.

  • The stem is not too long, a too-long stem can protrude outside your vagina, which is uncomfortable to wear. 

 Eco Cup includes an instruction sheet and little drawstring bag inside every box. 

Which size to choose?

  • Available in size X-Small, Small & Large, with ball grip end, which helps to grasp for ease of removal;
  • Available in sizes Small and Large with Stick end (no ball on the end), which have a ridged end to assist in removal.
  • Choose size XS for youth and teens with light flows
  • Choose size S for youth, teens and women with 'average' flows; or 
  • Choose size L for heavy flows, if you have a low cervix as the stem is shortest, and for if you have gone through natural childbirth. 

Pink, blue or transparent colour options.

    Size     Diameter   Length     Stem     ml
    XS (Ball) -  38        55             13        15 (Smallest cup, long stem) lighter flows/teens
     S -           42         66             12        23 (Small diameter, short stem - mod flows
    S (Ball)-    43         63             15        25 (Average diameter, average flows)
     L  -          46         70             12        28  (Wide diameter and shorter stem) - low cervix
    L (Ball)-    47         69.5          19        30   (Widest diameter, long stem, large capacity)




    How to Use

    You should have little trouble learning how to insert an Eco Cup. Just fold it, so it looks like a Tampon, aim it toward the back of the vagina and give a little push. It will sit a lot lower than a Tampon, so you won't need to push back as far. When it's inserted correctly, you won't even feel its presence. In fact,  a lot of ladies forget it's their time of the month altogether!

    We suggest the XS or Small cup for youth/ teens, being a bit smaller, it is easier to insert and more comfortable to wear. Generally, flows are less heavy with younger girls.

    How to Clean

    The material we use allows the discharge to easily slip out of the cup. A quick rinse in water will leave the Eco Cup ready to be reinserted. 

    If you're out and about, don't worry! You can use a piece of tissue, or a wipe, to clean your cup. In between your periods,  sterilise your cup with our Foldable Microwaveable Menstrual Cup steriliser.

    Each cup comes with detailed instructions, so you can read more about using your Eco Cup menstrual cup.

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