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Orgaknix underwear is all made from OEKO-TEX Standard 100 tested fabrics and GOTS certified organic cotton.  
Orgaknix are durable, soft and comfortable and healthy to use (with no nasty chemicals used in the production or growing of the cotton), the underwear have undergone rigorous Standard 100 testing to ensure they contain no PFAS. 
Our research has found that Organic Cotton is the most sustainable natural textile option for period underwear.  From how the cotton is grown and how it leaves the land upon which it was grown to its lifecycle as a finished product (more durable and longer lasting).
You have a few options for how you can try Orgaknix:
  • Try a pair for 40 days and see for yourself how they meet the performance claims.  Our heavy absorbency underwear holds at least 20 ml or 3-4 tampons, our Super absorbency underwear holds 60 ml or 10-12 tampons! That's the most absorbent on the market!
  • Save up to 40% buying in 2, 4 & 6 pack Cycle Saver Bundles for you to take advantage of savings and try a mix of styles. Every bundle receives a free gift (interlabial pads or wet bag - let us know your preference with your order).
  • First Periods Pack - For youth expecting their first period, or for youth who wish to make the switch to zero waste period products.  Not only are our youth underwear reassuring for comfort and protection, but they are also reducing your environmental impact from a young age. Packs include 4 pairs of underwear, a cloth panty liner and a bunch of other goodies including an info booklet.
  • Sustainable Period Starter Pack - check out our starter packs if you would like to try a range of zero waste period products, including period underwear, Eco Pad cloth pads and our Eco Cup Menstrual Cup.