Eco Period Briefs

Eco Period underwear are high tech, sustainable and fashionable.

Made with ultra absorbent organic and natural fibres that do the job of absorbing heavy flows of up to 6 tampons of fluid (60ml) in the most efficient way possible.

Orgaknix are made of GOTS Organic Cotton base underwear and Luxe Lace are fully lined with soft cotton and a smooth satiny outer.  Bamboo briefs feature four layer technology and are lightweight and very absorbent.  All materials have passed OEKO-TEX Standard 100 testing for hazardous materials.

Eco Period underwear are moisture wicking, antimicrobial (i.e. healthy and odour free) and of course, leakproof and stain releasing. 

You have a few options for starting out:

  • Try a pair for 40 days and see how they meet our performance claims.  Our heavy absorbency underwear holds 20-30 ml or 3-4 tampons, our Super absorbency underwear holds 40-60 ml or 5-6 tampons! That's the most absorbent on the market!
  • We have put together 2, 4 & 6 pack Cycle Saver Bundles for you to take advantage of savings and try a mix of styles. Every 4 and 6 pack bundle receives a free gift.
  • Our Starter packs include a range of products for you to try, including heavy absorbency underwear, an Eco Period menstrual cup and cloth panty liners.