Eco Pad Cycle Pack

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Whether you just want to lounge in front of the TV with chocolate, or if you have a hectic life and need to keep on the go, this is your go-to set for heavy cycles. With extra length in the back and extra absorbent layers, you’ll sleep comfortably and feel protected day and night.

  • Pack includes: 5x small, 6x Medium, 4x Large
    • Small Eco Pads: Length: 20cm 
    • Regular/ Medium Eco Pads: Length: 26cm 
    • Large Eco Pads: Length: 33cm 
  • Medical grade TPU waterproof coating
  • Unbleached and non-dyed – zero toxins on your skin!
  • Snap buttons to hold in place
  • NOTE: You may need more pads in certain sizes to complete your collection.



Usage disclaimer: Wash before first use.  Use natural detergent with no fragrances or irritants, bleaches or brighteners.  Please change your pad when no longer feeling dry or every 3-4 hours.  To be on the safe side, change every 3-4 hours.  If you experience discomfort, cease use and seek medical advice.