Eco Pad Mini Multi Pack (Mix of 3 sized pads, wet bag)

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Save 35% with this mini pack

Go zero waste this year, reusable pads last for years and save tonnes of landfill!

A handy mix n match set of three sizes in a mix of three prints:

  • 31-33 cm Overnight pad (absorbs 80-100ml)
  • 26 cm Regular pad  (absorbs 60-90ml)
  • 20 cm panty liner (absorbs 20 ml)

bonus wet bag to store your pads discreetly. 

Charcoal bamboo topper and fleece inner (1-2 layers)  PUL layer sits against underwear and is fastened with snaps around your underwear. 

  • Super absorbent and easily washable.
  • Antibacterial and breathable
  • Non toxic and non irritating