First Period Pack - Zero waste kit for first periods

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    This pack is designed for first periods, perhaps you've noticed your young one is showing signs of growing up and you want to help her to prepare and feel confident when the time comes. Or perhaps she has already had her first period, but you are wanting to transition to zero waste/ plastic free options.
    Young girls starting out on their period love the reliability and comfort of Eco period underwear. So much more comfortable than disposable pads, and they can leave them on all day at school.  Knowing they are protected from life’s little embarrassments. 
    This pack is a great icebreaker for starting an open communication with your little lady.   We have prepared an informative and supportive booklet which discusses everything from feelings, to hormones, to the science of the menstrual cycle and handy tips on how to best manage your cycle. 

    The pack is a great start, with 4 pairs of period proof, absorbent and leakproof underwear, a charcoal bamboo cloth pad and a lot of other handy goodies. The pack includes:
    • 4 heavy absorbency undies including Bamboo briefs and Orgaknix boyleg and bikini cut underwear. 
      • 2 x charcoal bamboo cloth pads (18cm).
      • Comforting Bunny hot water bottle 
      • Period tracker cycle calendar for recording your cycle.
      • Information booklet - "Girl, You're Growing Up"
      • Menarche (first period) gemstone charm bracelet
      • Wet bag

      *Youth sizing - from youth size 8 to youth size 16.