Eco Pad Heavy Flow pack- 2 Overnight, 3 Regular Eco Pads & wet bag

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For protection overnight or for heavy bleeds, with the super absorbency and anti bacterial properties of charcoal bamboo.

2 x Overnight pads

3 x Regular pads

1 x wet bag


    • Our pads are easily washable (just rinse in cold water, then pop in your regular wash), reusable and a great alternative to single use disposable sanitary products.
    • Soft and comfortable against the skin, with charcoal bamboo or organic bamboo topper against the skin for maximum comfort and two layers of bamboo fleece inner and a waterproof coated leakproof lining, providing absorbency of approx. 50 ml.
    • Available in a five pack bundle with a bonus wet bag.
    • Made with wings that fold around your underwear and snap underneath to stay in place.




18 x 33cm long (8cm across the width on the underwear)

regular pads 18 x 25 (7cm across the width on the underwear)

Absorbency: 50-75 ml

Inner and Topper: Charcoal bamboo and Bamboo fleece

Outer: PUL/Elastane


Care Instructions:


 Simply rinse with cold water and then pop in the washing machine (cold wash only) using a natural detergent for best results.  Please avoid using fabric softeners or bleach and do not tumble dry or wash in hot water.