Mini Sustainable Period Starter Pack (with Menstrual Cup)

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This mini pack allows you to get started on your zero waste period journey.  To trial out all the different reusable products and see what works best for you.

Pack Contents

  • 1 x Pair Period Underwear (Sizes 6-18 and youth 8-16 Orgaknix or Luxe Bikini and size 20-24 Orgaknix Super Briefs).
  • 1 x Eco Cup menstrual cup (size Small with youth underwear and size Large with women's sizing - you can add a note to your cart to request a different size).
  • 1 x Small size Eco Pad cloth panty liner.
Total package valued at $80, but discounted to $49 for buying in a bundle. 


The Eco Cup menstrual cup is made from 100% Medical Grade Silicone and is available in sizes XS, S. L and XL. We will give you size S with youth underwear and L with womens, please add a note in the cart if you wish to include a different size cup.
Size S is recommended for younger women or women who have not given birth, Size L is for women who have given birth or have a heavy flow, generally for women over 30 years in age.
All underwear have 4 layer protection that absorbs at least 20 ml or 3-4 tampons of fluid.