Sustainable Period Starter Pack (with Menstrual Cup)

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This pack allows you to get started on your zero waste period journey.  If you use a cup and / or wash out your panties daily, it could see you through your whole cycle, because you also have pads for light days and whilst your underwear is in the wash. 

Pack Contents

  • 2 x Pairs Period Underwear.
  • 1 x Eco Period menstrual cup. *Small for youth sizes, Large for women's sizes - add a note if you wish a different size to be sent.
  • 2 x cloth panty liners. 
  • 1 x wet bag.

Upgrade to an Ultimate Sustainable Period Starter Pack with 3 pairs of underwear, an Eco Period cup, 2 overnight and regular pads, wet bag and a wash bag for only $20 more. 


Eco Period menstrual cup 

Made from medical grade silicone and is available in size small or large (we send size large for women and small for youth by default, but add a note to your order if you have a request).  

Eco Period underwear
Signature designed Luxe Lace, Bamboo and Orgaknix underwear for supreme comfort, breathability and performance.

Eco Period underwear comprises EcoTech 4 Layer technology that offers full gusset protection for heavy flows/ leaks and overnights (30-60 ml). The extensive gusset protects you to the back waist seam.

100% Vegan - no wool or animal products or animal testing. 
Eco Period Australia's underwear has undergone extensive testing and certification in accordance with OEKO-TEX guidelines and GOTS credentials for safety in materials and organic certification.  Which means our undies are safe, environmentally friendly and socially responsible.
Each pack includes one Luxe Lace and one pair of bikini cut briefs. 
Eco Wet bag
Our Eco wet bag is 18 x 14 cm and designed to carry 2-3 folded up liners or a single pair of underwear- for wet or dry use.  So much nicer than a plastic bag and lasts for years. 
Eco Pads and Panty Liners 
Charcoal bamboo panty liners are soft, antibacterial and breathable and absorb light to moderate flows, best for those later days of your period. 

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