Wet Bag

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Designed to hold your cloth panty liners, pads and /or underwear, so that you can carry them around discreetly and hygienically.

Definitely a handy addition to your zero waste arsenal, to make the transition to reusable products a breeze.  

This wet bag gives you the ability to easily store and carry your pads, liners and underwear (and your cup of course). Or use it as a handy travel pouch to keep your goodies in your bag, so they are always easily available while on the go.  Handy for girls to pop in their school bags. 

The double zippered bag can separate your used and clean pads and underwear and the single zippered bag is generally used for used pad or underwear storage.

Machine washable. Cold water only. Please do not use fabric softener or brighteners, just natural based detergents. Wash with your underwear or pads in our wash bag.

Material: PUL

Small size : 18*14cm - single zipper
Large size: 20*19cm - double zipper