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Eco Pads are Reusable Cloth Pads, they are light weight and incredibly comfy, and can be used for your period menstrual cycle, as a comfort liner, incontinence, perspiration, post-partum bleeding or maternity, with 3 handy sizes to cater for all needs, flows and shapes:

  • Eco Liner: Light flow pad - length 20 cm - absorbency 20-30 ml
  • Eco Pad Regular: Medium flow pad - length - 25 cm - absorbency 50-90 ml
  • Eco Pad Overnight/ Large: Heavy flow pad - length 33 cm - absorbency 80-120 ml

Soft Charcoal Bamboo is a "Dry Touch" fabric that is 75% bamboo 25% polyester and have a superior 'wicking' quality.  Available as single pads or you can get a handy bundle in various sizes, with a free wet bag, while saving up to 40%.

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