Eco Pad Overnight - Large 33 cm Cloth Pad

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Eco Pad - Overnight (80-120ml)/ 31-33 cm Charcoal Bamboo Cloth Pad.

Back up your sustainable period kit with charcoal bamboo cloth pads.

The charcoal bamboo against the skin is very soft, natural and non-irritating.  It also has antibacterial properties, which helps control odour and breathability.

Used pads can be folded up and snapped closed while on the go, and kept in one of our handy wet bags.  

Also available in 5 pack bundles with a bonus wet bag.

Product Features:

  • 33 x 18 cm 
  • charcoal bamboo fleece topper sits against the skin.
  • Bamboo fleece inner (2 layers)
  • PUL layer that sits against your underwear. 
  • Snaps to close around your underwear.
  • Absorbs heavy flows and is extensive in size to protect you while lying down and overnight - 80-120ml.