Eco Cup & Steriliser Bundle

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Eco Cup & Steriliser Bundle

This bundle includes an Eco Cup menstrual cup, and a microwaveable menstrual cup steriliser.  

Microwaveable, foldable steriliser makes cleaning a breeze and doubles as a carry case and folds down while not in use, so can be easily taken with you while travelling. 

About the Eco Cup

Our cups come in a choice of XS, S, and L.  XS is generally recommended for younger women who’ve never given birth, whilst Small and Large have a slightly larger capacity and diameter.  See notes below about choosing a size.


  • Up to 12 hours protection between emptying (but we recommend emptying and checking more often to get to know your flow and needs).
  • Ridges and Easy Grip Ball end for ease of removal.

  • Air holes at the top for air circulation, so anaerobic bacteria can't reproduce.

  • Soft but springy - which means you won't feel it when you're wearing it, but being springy, it will easily open and thus avoid leaks.

  • 100% Medical Grade Silicone - completely safe to use.

  • No need to trim the stem, which can leave a rough uncomfortable edging, and with a short stem, you don't risk having an uncomfortable stem protuding outside your vagina. 

Which size to choose?

  • Available in size X-Small, Small & Large, with ball grip end, which helps to grasp for ease of removal;
  • Choose size XS for youth and teens with light flows
  • Choose size S for youth, teens and women with 'average' flows; or 
  • Choose size L for heavy flows and if you have experienced natural childbirth. 
The bundle includes a Pink coloured cup.
    Size     Diameter   Length     Stem     ml
    XS  -      38            55             13        15 (Smallest cup, long stem) lighter flows/teens
    S -         43            63             15        25 (Average diameter, average flows)
    L -         47            69.5          19        30   (Widest diameter, long stem, large capacity)





    It's best to wash your cup with warm water and a gentle soap first, rinse well and then place your Eco Period Menstrual Cup in the Steriliser.  Fill the steriliser half full with water. Place the lid on the cup but DO NOT seal down - steam needs to be able to escape the steriliser.  Microwave your Eco Cup for 2 -3 minutes. 

    Please note: The water must boil for the Eco Cup to be sanitised.

    Take care when removing the steriliser from your microwave. We suggest leaving the Steriliser and Menstrual Cup in your microwave for 30 minutes to cool down.