Eco pads

Eco Pads are a washable, reusable alternative to toxic disposable pads and tampons.

And whilst just throwing your used disposables away may be somewhat easier, you will be amazed at just how easy Eco Pads are to wash and how much more comfortable they are to wear!

Soft Charcoal Bamboo sits against the skin, which is antibacterial and super absorbent, holding up to 120 mls!

Our leakproof modern cloth Eco Pads are available as single pads or you can get a handy bundle in various sizes, with a free wet bag, while saving up to 40%.

Check out the One Week Eco Pad Pack - which includes a mix of 3 of each of our Small Eco Pad panty liners, Regular sized Eco Pads and Overnight Eco Pads (and a wet bag), equipping you for overnights, heavy and lighter days to see you through your whole cycle.