Kegel balls

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A workout minus the sweat, tears and pain? Yes, it is possible. Our weighted kegel balls give you an incredible workout, are wonderfully discreet, and work to keep your pelvic floor fit and toned.

Two options:

  • a single 3.5cm diameter weighted ball; or
  • a double ball design of two weighted 3 cm connected balls.
Choose a single ball if you want a lighter weight, or a double ball if you want more to work with.  

Each ball contains a rolling weight that creates natural vibration with your every movement.  Make them your Kegel exercise workout buddy to strengthen muscles for incredible sensual control, more intense orgasms and improving bladder control and pelvic floor strength.


  • Advanced one to two ball Kegel exerciser
  • Made from silky body-safe silicone
  • Single ball is 12 cm total length, with a 9cm flexible silicone retrieval cord and 3.5cm diameter ball.
  •  Double balls are 16cm total length with a 9cm flexible silicone retrieval cord and the two connected 3 cm balls making up 7cm.
  • Rolling weights inside balls create natural vibration
  •  Ideal for personal pleasure and Kegel exercise
  • 36 and 62 gram total weight (single and double balls)
  • 100% latex free, 100% phthalate free

About Kegel balls

Kegel balls also known as Ben Wa balls are small marble sized balls that are inserted into the vagina to exercise a woman’s pelvic muscle through kegel exercises.

Used as a physical therapy tool to help reduce incontinence. 

Take a stroll, walk around your home and enjoy the sensation of Single or Duo Balls working for you.